A nod to the minority culture breaking barriers in the sport of professional auto racing; past, present, & future.

"MELI Motorsports" is the latest line of sophisticated streetwear inspired by the high-octane world of auto racing.

This timeless collection encompasses everything from casual wear to high fashion. The featured garments and accessories are versatile and suitable for various occasions. Appealing for any gender and a diverse demographic, the unique clean garments exude a charming, yet modest aesthetic. The collection is constructed with high-end materials with a luxurious hand feel.

Fine details are implemented in the construction of each piece that will stand true to its theme, no matter the decade. "MELI Motorsports" is a modern day motorsports-inspired collection which takes classic menswear and adds a sporty, edgy spin, while still paying respect to the traditions of the sport.

In collaboration with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS), MELI and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway have formed a partnership consisting of the two parties coming together to create exclusive clothing pieces for the INDY 500 and other racing events hosted by IMS. The goal of the partnership is to create more brand awareness around MELI and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's "Race for Equality & Change" initiative by cross-promoting to increase exposure and engagement with untapped, diverse audiences.

This partnership between MELI and IMS will assist in cultivating a "welcome home" theme for all the citizens in each city and state that INDYCAR and its affiliates race in. MELI seeks to help connect individuals and curate impactful experiences where we can create a pipeline in all sports to include all walks of life and transform our communities for the better.